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Safety Courses


Safety is a culture that needs to be spread, internalized and practiced by all members of the community. Reliance Way has taken upon it’s self to raise the standard of... 


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Reliance Way Consultants provides high quality professional services. In addition to preparing standardized documentations and procedures, We also ...


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How do I know .... ?


 How do I know what course is right for me?

What is Nebosh, IOSH?
I want to be an HSE officer?
What is the first step?


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Upcoming Courses


    Lead Auditor ISO 9001
        May 2017
    NASAP Industrial
        Jun 2017
        June 2017
    Risk Assessment
        July  2017


Address by Gill Sexton


Reliance Way..Your way to success

successReliance Way is a Jordan based company specializing in the provision of highly professional but cost effective Quality, health , Safety and Environmental consultancy and accredited training services in Jordan and the region.
Reliance Way imposes high standards upon itself, and that is why you can trust us to provide you with the most cost-effective, high quality training and consultancy services including inspection and verification services.

What makes us different?
We take pride in our work and name, talk in plain language, keep paperwork to a minimum, focus on client's individual needs and through our experience in project management we can relate to client's concerns about cost.

By working with us, we will help you make sense of the regulations and improve the performance of your business. Our aim is to provide a service that exceeds your expectations.

  • "Have attend many courses, non was to the IGC course I attended. Having International safety instructure, not only delivering course material, but sharing knowledge made it much more beneficial. "
    - Eng. Feras Tawiel
  • "IGC is very rich and demanding course, Mrs Harwood made interesting, engaging and fun. "
    - Dr. Ghazi Magableh
  • "The course was a total success both in the materials, presentation, and administration issues. Thank you "
    - Hasan Mubaydin

Safety News


Bottled Gas Explosion

Bottled Gas Explosion lead to a near disaster accident in Amman. A truck carrying LPG Cylinder almost caused a disaster near Gate 4 of the Sport Center Entrance. The explosions spread to  a near by Hotel and casued damage to the facade of the building. With God grace human casuality were limited.    


It is a long established fact that Gas cylinder distripution is a very unsafe procedure. I will share with you some of the danger sources and would leave the rest for your contribution. Unsecured cargo, using open type trucks and lack of following the most basic sagey procedures in handling flamable hazardouse materials and substances is one of the biggest sources of danger to our community. Another important issues, uneducated drivers and handler of basic Safety codes of practice. The list could go on, but would appreciate your contribution and suggestion. We may end up by drafting a recommendation report to the authority. Please email us.

Chemical Explosions CSB Report

CSB Reports Chemical Dust Explosions are a "Serious Problem" - Nearly 200 Accidents took 100 Lives; Data, Testimony Noted at Public Hearing Today