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Introduction to Telecom Towers

Duration: (3) days
Course Synopsis
Protecting himself from animals, compressed gasses and explosions to rigging safety and fall protection are only few examples of what a tower technician has to deal with every time he works on or around telecom towers.
This course identifies the hazards a tower technician/climber faces and the methods to control or eliminate these hazards, and spells out other essential safety requirements.
Who Should Attend
This workshop targets tower technicians, climbers, crane operators, foremen, engineers, safety staff, project managers and others responsible for safety performance.
Knowledge working on or around telecom towers will be an added benefit.
What Will Attendants Learn?
Given the information and exercises in this workshop, attendees should be better able to:

  • Identify hazards associated with working on or around telecom towers.
  • Pre-plan the work before attempting any maintenance or climbing
  • Better understanding of the Fall Arrest System and its application limits

Program Training Methods:

  • Theoretical Lectures (Power Point Presentations)
  • Team Participation
  • Practical Workshops.
  • Field Training

Supporting Equipments
To effectively interact with the attendants, an LC projector, a sound system and a flip chart with markers need to be provided to the trainer.
Instruction Materials
Attendees shall receive the "Telecom Tower Safety training manual."

Introduction to Telecom Tower Safety Outline
Job site inspection

  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Inspection of tower structure
  • Pre-climb check

Pre-work safety requirements

  • Fall protection and PPE inspection
  • Safety Signage

Fall protection

  • General requirements
  • Work restraint
  • Fall arrest
  • Work positioning
  • Connections


  • Rescue plan
  • Rescue procedure
  • The five rescue techniques
  • Post rescue

Personnel protective equipment
Head, eye, hand, foot, hearing, and respiratory

  • Lockout/tagout procedure
  • Electrical safety-basic

Construction equipment

  • Cranes, hoist, boom trucks
  • Arial lifts
  • Man baskets
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolds


  • General requirements
  • Cable/wire rope
  • Hooks/shackles

Hazards communications

  • Labels
  • Material safety data sheet

RF safety
General requirements
Excavation / trenching
General requirements
Fire prevention / protection

  • Combustible materials
  • Flammable materials
  • Practices
  • Fire extinguishers
  • PASS method of fighting fires

Material handling and storage

  • Handling materials
  • Housekeeping

Power and hand tools

  • General requirements

Welding / compressed gasses

  • Welding
  • Compressed gasses

Miscellaneous hazards

  • Snakes, birds, and honey bees
  • General precaution
  • Snake bite first aid