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Basic 1st Aid at workplace course

1. Aim

This course is designed for teaching trainees the major steps to be taken to preserve live, sustain the physical and mental status in good conditions and to relieve pain in the case of work related accidents; in order to minimize the permanent and irreversible affect of the sudden sickness or injury until professional help arrives or transfer the injury to hospital or specialized center.

2. Objectives& Benefits to Delegates

  • The knowledge of human being systems and their functions.
  • Provides essential knowledge about human anatomy.
  • Confidence to take positive action.
  • The transformation from bystanders to action takers.
  • Recognizing the emergency.
  • The ability to diagnose major live threatening conditions.
  • Avoidance of causing additional damage.
  • The gained ability to preserve life, prevent further harm and ease pain.
  • Team work and reliability.
  • Preparing the injured for faster evacuation.

The major benefit is for those who need the trained 1st aider to react professionally after they suffer an injury.

3. Overview
The course aims to ensure that 1st Aid training and knowledge is appreciated by all, also it is necessary for everyone in order to know how to deal with any emergency case and to enable them to have the confidence to take necessary action and steps to insure survivability of any injured person at work place or general health threading situations, the transformation of the injured into more stable condition and prevent deterioration.

4. Syllabus:

  • Introduction to 1st Aid. (meaning, objectives, priorities).
  • Human anatomy, essential body systems.
  • Objectives of first aids.
  • Recognizing emergency.
  • Examination of casualty.
  • Emergency action plan.
  • Checking ABC, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.
  • Performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation CPR.
  • Treating wound, cuts and open body injuries.
  • Bleeding and soft tissue injuries and bleedings.
  • Dressing and bandaging.
  • Fixing fractures and joint injuries.
  • Easing Burns.
  • Handling poisoning, scorpion and bee stings and snake bites.

5. Who should attend?

  • Anyone who works in the field of general safety.
  • Employers in factories of different kinds.
  • Institutions which join many numbers of employees such as universities, schools, hospitals.
  • Worker in remote places.
  • Night shift workers.
  • Individual in high risk jobs and hazardous environments.
  • Machine operators.
  • Construction site workers.
  • Safety officers, Safety consultant, Health and Safety Managers, Engineers, Site Supervisors, Trainers, Workers, security.

6. Entry requirements: Course can be delivered both in Arabic and English.

7. Qualifications Obtained Attendance certificate will be issued from Reliance Way signed by qualified 1st Aid Trainer. Reliance Way Card with photo will be issues for the candidates valid for 3 years.

8. Method of Assessment Attendance for the whole course and general participation for the course is considered sufficient, no written assessment is required.

9. Your Trainer Highly qualified trainer with vast experience in 1st Aid Training. Years of experience in actual implementation of 1st Aid procedures in real life situations. Trainer of many other life saving and medical rescue related courses.

10. Course Duration:

  • One full day for essentials 1st Aid.
  • Two full days for basic 1st Aid course.

11. Post Nominal: NA

12. Further Studies: After obtaining basic 1st Aid knowledge and confidence the candidate can get an advance 1st Aid course, Rescuing and Moving Victims, Medical evacuation course, Behavioral Emergencies, 1st Aid trainer course.

13. Cost:

  • 800 JD / Day up to 20 candidates.
  • 1200 JD for 2 days course up to 20 candidates.
  • For courses outside Amman, Transportation, Accommodation and trainer expenses will be added.
  • The price includes:
    1. Training material in printed form.
    2. Reliance Way 1st Aid ID card.
    3. Attendance certificate from Reliance Way.
    4. Providing all material needed for the course.

14. Date: To be determined.

15. Venue: In – house training, Jordan Lunch and coffee breaks for trainees and trainer provided by the trainees’ sponsor.

16. Validity: This offer is valid for 3 weeks from the above date; upon expiration another proposal will be issued when required.